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Process Documents are in-depth documentation of the steps necessary to complete a process, including the policies behind the process.

Quick Guides are fast, easy-to-follow and brief instructions for performing specific tasks in MaineStreet (PeopleSoft).  All are pdf documents. 

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TopicResponsible PartyProcess DocumentQuick Guide
TopicResponsible PartyProcess DocumentQuick Guide
Add New Dependent   PD QG 
Ben Admin Activity Report  PD QG 
Disability Leave Advance Campus PD  
Event Processing: BEN manual event  PD  
Event Processing: Election Entry   PD QG 
Event Processing: Family Status Chg (FSC) EBC PD QG 
Event Processing: Layoff (LOF) System Office PD QG 
Event Processing: Miscellaneous (MSC) EBC PD QG 
Event Processing: New Hire (HIR) EBC PD QG 
Event Processing: Termination (TER) Campus PD QG 
Event Processing: Understanding Events  PD  
Event Processing: Unpaid Leave (LOA)  PD  
Evidence of Insurability - Life Proof Received  EBC PD QG 
Family Medical Leave Tracking Campus/EBC PD  
Long Term Disability  PD  
Long-Term Disability 2016  PD  
Maintain Primary Job Flags EBC PD QG 
Maximum Annual Leave Carryover Campus PD QG 
One-time Adjustments for Retirement  PD  
PATFA Benefits Eligibility EBC/Campus  QG 
Understanding Benefits Administration  PD  
View Employee Event Detail  PD QG 
View Schedule Detail  PD QG 
Showing 23 items
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